Steven Stumpf Bio

July 12, 2007

I am a researcher by training and an anthropologist at heart. I am an educator by discipline with interests and background in six principal areas: program evaluation, telemedicine, health professions training, grantsmanship, clinical psychotherapy, and integrative medicine. Innovative and vanguard initiatives are my preferred work environment. I have been involved with movements to empower marriage counselors to bill for their services alongside psychologists; position the USC Physician Assistant health profession squarely within the medical school with one of the first master degree curricula in the field; create testbeds for telemedicine projects in community clinics serving indigent populations; deliver online education to physicians seeking continuing education; create software to detect and document diabetic retinopathy over the web; and work with licensed acupuncturists and organized labor to bring the acupuncture profesison into the medical mainstream.

Publishing at least one article annually is a personal goal. Examples of my writing along with salient articles by other authors are linked under the I.M.H.O. headings, column left. My CV includes a complete list of consulting clients, publications and successful grant awards. My resume focuses on executive/administrative accomplishments.

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