How Web 2.0 apps are shaping a new pedagogy.

August 27, 2007

The (slowly) burning question is how exactly wikis, blogs, handheld devices, YouTube, MUVEs, and social networking sites fit into a new pedagogy for learning. For people working in this space FUD (F = Fear, U = Uncertainty, D = Doubt) faded in their rear view mirrors long ago.


“Defining” Integrative Medicine

August 21, 2007

Our manuscript titled Divining Integrative Medicine (authors S Stumpf, S Shapiro and M Hardy) describes issues that must be weighed in finding a suitable and widely acceptable definition for integrative medicine. The mansucript was accepted recently by Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine and will be published shortly. The journal is available online at no cost […]


Choosing Web 2.0 applications: online surveys

August 19, 2007

Web 2.0 applications bring the opportunity to reduce costs while meeting obligations. The challenge is assessing the cost/value relationship. In some cases this is easy, e.g., striking a deal with Google to take over institutional email – including service – is a no-brainer. Not as simple with other appealing opportunities.